The Geoscience e-Laboratory (Ge-LAB) project is designed to deliver teaching and learning resources to improve the development of essential petrological skills at the four national third level geoscience units in Ireland. ( Ge-Lab  has been modified to GeoLab to clearly communicate the geoscientific nature of this project).

The Geoscience e-Laboratory (Ge-LAB)  project will build on existing affiliations between UCC, UCD, NUIG, TCD and the OU, and will see the collaborative development of a suite of shared teaching and learning resources agreed by all partners, with the ability of each partner to utilise the resources in their own teaching programmes.

Through the involvement of the Open University, the Geoscience e-Laboratory (Ge-LAB) project will deliver a cutting-edge digital learning experience for students through the interactive Internet-served Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences (VMfES). Students will have both 24/7 access to a suite of high-quality samples of rock thin sections and the means of analysing samples using techniques traditionally confined to the laboratory, building their geoscientific and digital skills in the process.

The Geoscience e-Laboratory (Ge-LAB) project will focus on the teaching and learning implications of using the VM in teaching programmes and investigate its value to the pedagogical enhancement in petrology and in the wider geoscientific domain.


Developing Digital Teaching & Learning Resources for the Virtual Microscope