Irish University Collection

The Irish University Collection includes thin sections compiled by the Geoscience e-Laboratory (Geo-LAB): Developing Digital Teaching and Learning Resources for the Virtual Microscope project.

Access the digital thin sections on the Open University's Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences Project website.

Rock TypeRock Class PrimaryRock Class SecondaryRock Class NotesMap_Location
11588 Magnetite GabbroIgneousMagmaticMagnetite gabbroBushveld, South Africa
IG1 GraniteIgneousMagmaticTwo-mica granite from the Northern pluton of the Leinster graniteCo. Dublin
IG29 GranophyreIgneousMagmaticGranophyre (microgranite), Mourne graniteCo. Down
IG46 AndesiteIgneousVolcanicPyroxene andesiteHungary

Developing Digital Teaching & Learning Resources for the Virtual Microscope