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The Geoscience e-Laboratory (Ge-LAB): Developing Digital Teaching and Learning Resources for the Virtual Microscope

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (2015) Type B projects focus on enlisting academic disciplines as key units of change – in partnership with students for teaching and learning enhancement. These proposals must be led by Deans/Heads of Department/School/Faculty with a strong focus on discipline specific pedagogies for enhancement and impact on student learning within fields of study.  This may also include generic skills that have very strong discipline specific elements.

The Ge-Lab: Geoscience e-Laboratory Project addresses the core elements of the National Forum’s “Vision For Digital Capacity In Higher Education (2015)”. In particular the following aspects of this vision for digital capacity in Higher Education are addressed;

Digital platforms, resources and tools are utilised to enhance teaching, learning and assessment, to connect teachers and students, and to increase the level and quality of learning-related communication
• Students will have access to a range of technological supports and resources to enhance their learning in a manner that enables them to become lifelong learners in the digital world
• Teachers will be fully enabled to use digital technologies/resources where appropriate, in order to enhance student learning within their disciplines
Institutions collaborate with each other, and with the schools and further education sectors in order to build digital capacity for teaching and learning, with students as key partners in the process
Institutions collaborate effectively at the international level in both research and practice relating to technology-enhanced learning.


Teaching & Learning Enhancement Fund 2015
Open Forum Presentations – Project Type B

Event held on November 11th 2015 in the Council Room, Royal Irish  Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2


Developing Digital Teaching & Learning Resources for the Virtual Microscope