Point Count Overlay

Tutorial: Create a Point Count Overlay using FIJI ImageJ

This tutorial demonstrates how to create an  grid overlay (points) on a petrological thin section image using FIJI (ImageJ), a free and open source image processing software. (http://fiji.sc/).

Whilst this example uses a screen-grab image from the Open University Virtual Microscope, it is recommended that high-resolution digital images of thin sections be used where the scale is known or displayed on the image.

This tutorial can be used to create point grid overlays on images of petrological thin sections for student exercises and used along with a Ternary Diagram Spreadsheets, such as are available via On the Cuttng Edge.

Because FIJI ImageJ is free and open source software, this exercise can be given to students as an in-class or take-home exercise. FIJI ImageJ has many applications to image processing and image analysis, and in a valuable tool for research.

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