Metalliferous Ores

Metalliferous ore minerals mounted in polished resin blocks rather than thin sections used for rocks in other collections.

Access the digital thin sections on the Open University's Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences Project website.

Ore TypeRock Class PrimaryNotes
CassiteriteOreSilvery grey cassiterite associated with zoned quartz
ChalcopyriteOreBulk of the sample is golden yellow chalcopyrite. Dark grey quartz is mantled by arsenopyrite. Pale yellow inclusions in the chalcopyrite are pyrite.
GalenaOreSilvery grey galena with characteristic triangular polishing pits where material has fallen out during sample preparation. Note the abundance of scratches - also characteristic of this relatively soft mineral
GoethiteOreBotryoidal grey goethite associated with quartz
SphaleriteOreMassive brown sphalerite which in reflected light displays a silvery grey colour.
StibniteOreElongate blades of silvery-grey stibnite enclosed in quartz.

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