OU Module Collection

Specimen CODERock Type – CODERock Class PrimaryRock Class NotesMap
S339 01BasaltIgneousVolcanicNo
S339 02BasaltIgneousVolcanicNo
S339 04BasaltIgneousVolcanicNo
S339 06MugeariteIgneousVolcanicNo
S339 07BasaltIgneousVolcanicNo
S339 08CataclasiteMetamorphicOtherNo
S339 09Quartz myloniteMetamorphicOtherNo
S339 10Quartz mica myloniteMetamorphicOtherNo
S339 11Quartz feldspar myloniteMetamorphicOtherNo
S339 12MyloniteMetamorphicMetabasiteNo
S339 13EclogiteMetamorphicMetabasiteNo
S339 14Glaucophane schistMetamorphicMetapeliteNo
S339 15GranodioriteIgneousMagmaticNo
S339 16GraniteIgneousMagmaticNo
S339 17GabbroIgneousMagmaticNo
S339 19GranodioriteIgneousMagmaticNo
S339 20DioriteIgneousMagmaticNo
S339 23GraniteIgneousMagmaticNo
S339 24Kyanite schistMetamorphicMetapeliteNo
S339 25Andalusite staurolite schistMetamorphicMetapeliteNo
S339 26Chloritoid schistMetamorphicMetapeliteNo
The OU Module Rocks Collection consists of the rocks and thin sections used in the Open University modules.

The first set of samples are from the level 3 module 'Understanding the Continents'. The theme of the module is crustal evolution in contrasting environments. It covers plate-tectonic processes including extensional regimes; subduction zone processes; and collisional processes such as the Himalaya. The module is intended for those with an understanding of the essentials of igneous and metamorphic rock-formation processes, plate-tectonic theory and structural processes.

Access the digital thin sections on the Open University's Virtual Microscope for Earth Sciences Project website.

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