Charles Darwin Collection

The Charles Darwin Collection - a collaboration between the Open University and the Sedgwick Museum.

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Rock TypeRock Class PrimaryRock Class
Altered granite in contact with schistMetamorphicMagmatic
Amygdaloidal monchiquiteIgneousVolcanic
Andesite - James IslandIgneousMagmatic
Arenite sandstone - Falkland IslandsSedimentaryClastic
Carbonate cemented dunite brecciaIgneousVolcanic
Carbonated palagonite tuffIgneousVolcanic
Conglomeratic obsidianSedimentaryClastic
Cordierite biotite slate hornfels - Wollaston IslandMetamorphicMetapelite
Diorite - Magellan StraitsIgneousMagmatic
Essexitic olivine basaltIgneousVolcanic
Feldspathic sandstoneSedimentaryClastic
Foraminifera limestoneSedimentaryCarbonate
Garnet-biotite augen gneissMetamorphicMetapelite
Grossular-epidote-prehnite skarnMetamorphicMarble / Calcsilicate
Grossular-prehnite skarnMetamorphicMarble / Calcsilicate
Hornblende porphyrite - Blue MountainsIgneousMagmatic
Hornblende porphyrite - ValparaisoIgneousMagmatic
Hornblende schistMetamorphicMetabasite
Myrmekitic granulite/charnockiteIgneousMagmatic
Nepheline basanite with iddingsiteIgneousVolcanic
Phonolite - Cape Verde IslandsIgneousVolcanic
Porphyritic olivine basalt - MauritiusIgneousVolcanic
Rhyolitic welded tuff - Port DesireIgneousVolcanic
Trachyte - James IslandIgneousVolcanic
Trachyte - Saint HelenaIgneousMagmatic
Trachyte - TerceiraIgneousMagmatic
Volcanic and calcareous sandstoneSedimentaryClastic
Welded Tuff - LimaIgneousVolcanic

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